The main objective of WP10 is to facilitate swift and effective progress of the work including data management and dissemination of results.

The project coordinator will be mainly responsible for the project management. This includes monitoring the project, preparing reports to monitor progress of the work, organising meetings for the management committee and the Consortium as a whole. The Coordinator will support and give guidance to work package leaders and individual partners whenever feasible.

The quality checks and progress checks will be a shared task between the Coordinator and the advisory board. The Coordinator is responsible for the financial management of the project. Therefore, the Coordinator administers the financial contribution regarding its allocation between beneficiaries and activities, in accordance with the grant agreement and the decisions taken by the consortium. The Coordinator ensures that all the appropriate payments are made to the other beneficiaries without unjustified delay. Finally, the Coordinator monitors the finances of the project by means of financial partner reports on a regular base. Hosting a communication platform, a website and development of a data management plan and a Protection of Personal data plan also belong to the responsibilities of this WP.